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'Surviving Cancer'

A Motivational Memoir of Life Events following a Terminal Cancer Prognosis 25 Years Later

By CM Thompson

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I would like to dedicate this book to those who gave me strength to go on when I otherwise would have quit, my loving children and the generations to follow, may you all find your own inspiration as enriching as
I have found mine.

To support improvements in cancer research and care please go to the BC Cancer Foundation and make a donation today www.bccancerfoundation.com.



I would like to thank my husband of the last twenty-five years, for standing by me through thick and thin for following where I lead and leading me where I would wish to follow, my best friend, my companion, you encouraged me with your supportive ways, I look forward to the next twenty-five years and beyond.

To my parents I owe a debt of gratitude, my mother for the love, comfort and acceptance you have never swayed from, and for my father the cornerstone of my life, Thank-you for being who you are that I might become who I am.

This autobiography would never have been written if it weren’t for the support and prayers of numerous friends, neighbours as well as individuals I have never met, all whom touched me on my road to health, I Thank-you.

To the medical profession, who work tirelessly with what science gives you on the clock Mother Nature hands out. You work miracles, Thank-You

1) My Perception 2) Cancer, Personality, Stress, genetics? 3) Who I was at 16 4) Stresses in my life
5) Symptoms 6) Diagnosis 7) Traditional Treatment? 8)Dedicated Doctors
9)Support, Advice, & The Search for the right? ??? 10) The grape fast 11) The wedding 12) Laetrile
13) A brief intro to TCM and then off to Hawaii 14) Iridology and reflexology 15) Our direction changes, back to mainstream doctors &Trying to go home 16) The decision to stay or go
17) Road to recovery 18) The guinea pig program 19 An education in experimental drugs 20) Ever watchful and learning
21) The ups and downs, or my perception there of 22) Unconscious Visualisation 23) Always at choice Conclusion

Stress Reduction Techniques

Whether you are going through a healing process or not, here are a few of the techniques that I have worked with in my counselling practice. They are well worth practising and I highly recommend them.

1) Deep Breathing 2) How to access your parasympathetic nervous system
3) Progressive Muscle Relaxation 4) Meditation
5)Tips on Visualisation 6) Imagery to help reduce pain
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